About us


We are a European biotech company founded in 2018 based in Malaga and dedicated to the research, design, development and manufacturing of disruptive and innovative devices in the field of applied medicine, especially for emergency medical, intensive care, pneumology and respiratory anesthesia processes.

The promoter team is made up of professionals with extensive experience.

innovative, easy-to-use and competitively priced products

Under the brand name Vision Vent Innovation (VVI), it offers innovative, easy-to-use and competitively priced products with the aim of making a difference for both physicians and patients worldwide. The following products are currently developed and in the process of commercialization:

laryngeal mask

A disposable laryngeal mask with vision that makes it easier for healthcare providers to apply oxygen during the anesthetic process without the need for patient intubation.



A videoscope/fiberscope that allows the proper and safe management of patients with normal or pathological airway, eliminates the risk of dental damage, cancels surgeries due to the impossibility of intubation and reduces the risk of potentially lethal complications.


Research & Development

The R&D strategy contemplates the creation of solutions in anesthesia, intensive care, pneumology and emergency processes.

In general, our strategy is to address various medical fields in addition to surgical operations, both with the devices described and with those commonly used, making appropriate improvements in design, assembly and materials that make them more useful for both healthcare personnel and the patient, so as to achieve “competitive integrated care” supported by:

  • A commercially competitive and technically extensive enough portfolio, able to cover all the needs in airway management and to become, in our field, a reference for the international media community.
  • An agile and efficient structure to sustain the proposed development over time, making the company sustainable.
  • An innovative Research and Teaching department.