Laryngeal Mask

Vision Mask

Vision Mask is the world’s first disposable laryngeal mask that allows continuous vision. In addition, it solves, all in one at a competitive price, other classic problems of blind masks such as correct positioning, bronchoaspiration, visual aid in emergency intubation, introduction of a fiberscope or standard or CPAP ventilation. The camera offers a 120º color HD viewing angle and a focus of 20 to 100 mm. This provides a continuous view of the entire glottis for correct placement of the mask, diagnosis of ventilation failure, detection of secretions, tumors or foreign bodies, and possible injury to the laryngeal recurrent nerve of the vocal cords after surgery. Vision Mask is a solution from experienced anesthesia and critical care healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals working the airway.

  • Name: Disposable Laryngeal Mask with Vision
  • Material: Silicone medical grade, pc medical grade
  • Classification: II.A
  • Number of uses: single use
  • Indications for use: Endoscopic examination and treatment of bronchial tree
  • Shelf life: Three years from manufacture
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  • Continuous Vision
  • Assisted ventilation or in CPAP mode (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure with a conventional flowmeter – 8l/min)Light weight on the market
  • Possibility of endotracheal intubation
  • Possibility to perform gastric suction maneuvers
  • Unidirectional valve with two anti-drain back membranes
  • 5 access
  • Immediate market: Anesthesia, emergency, intensive care units, pneumology, etc.
  • Patented features: Anti-puncture system
  • Possibility of use with reusable 2.8″ stylet with reusable chamber